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M.Vural Yilmaz

Consultant of Rector and Board of Trustees

M. Vural Yilmaz is currently working as a rector and board of
trustee consultant for Istanbul  Kultur
University since 2009. He is coordinator of 360 Degrees Entrepreneurship on
behalf  Istanbul Kultur University.

During his life journey he was working for Ministry of
Education on administrative developments, involving computer and technology
into education system, developing computer programs in Turkish. After working
with Ministry of Education he founder Apple Computer/Bilkom Computer and
Private Education and he was general manager between 1982 to 1995. At 1995 he
founded Compucom Information and Communication Systems and was general general
manager between 1995 to 2003.
To summarise he was one the first person in Turkey developed
program in Tuskish for Macintosh and realsed first computer in Turkish in 1986
when he also started Apple Business School. In 2004 he developed e-platrform
with Turkish primeministy.

Some of his trainings:

Marketing and Sales Skills (Paris,
1986), Strategical Planning (Amsterdam, 1987), Starting and Developing Dealer
Organizations (Singapur, 1988), The Essence Role of the Human Resources in
Firms (San Francisco, 1988), Creative Marketing and Sales (Kahire, 1989), General
Administration for Executives (Londra, 1989),
How’s Your Management Skills (Paris, 1990), The Art of Making a Decision
in Administration (Paris, 1990),  The New
Techniques of Management (Cenevre, 1991), Developing Relationship Between
Executives (San Francisco, 1991),

Istanbul Kultur Univesity

Istanbul Kultur University (IKU) is project coordinator of 360 Degrees Entrepreneurship. IKU is a Foundation University with a public entity, which was established on 15 July 1997. IKU was established by a foundation where educators who have successfully been dealing with education since the 1930s. Following inspections and evaluations conducted by the Higher Education Council in Turkey (YÖK), the university became entitled to state support for 14 years.IKU has 7 Faculties (Economics and Administrative Sciences, Law, Engineering, Architecture, Art and Design, Education) and 2 vocational schools (Business Administration and Technical Sciences). Under the roof of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences there are four departments, namely Business Administration (BA), International Relations, Economics and International Trade.

International Relations Department offers eight undergraduate and four graduate courses on EU related issues. The courses on the undergraduate level are: 1) Introduction to the EU: History, Institutions and Politics, European Security and Defence Issues, European Integration I,European Integration II, European Culture, European Union Law, European Union’s Mediterranean Policy, Germany’s Foreign and European Policy. The graduate courses offered are: External Relations of the EU, International Politics of the EU, Policy-Making in the EU, The EU-Turkey Relations.


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Zek Dundar

CEO and Founder

Zek Dundar is a professional trainer and consultant on personal development, international project development and management.

He is project Consultant of 360 Degrees Entrepreneurship.

His educational backgrounds are Electrical Engineer and Master of International Business Management.He is member Youth Peace Ambassadors Network. He is involved in youth field since 2005 and working as a trainer since 2008. He has been working in caucasus region to promote peace and dialogue as a consultant and coach trainer. He is founder of Dynamic Development Association ( and Global Ideations (  His hobbies are; writing, reading, traveling and swimming. More information can be found at:

Global Ideations

Global Ideations was founded in Michigan, US in February 2013 and in Istanbul, Turkey in September 2014 and in London, United Kingdom in September 2016.

The mission of Global Ideations is to support the development of individuals, organizations, companies and societies in order to solve problems and reach their full potential. This goal is achieved through multiple methods including training, coaching, mentoring, consulting and public speaking. Global offers training, consulting, coaching and long term training academies for individual, companies or societies.


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Rosa Garde Nicolas

Rosa Garde Nicolás, president of GEMS, Educación en Andalucía, Spain, is in charge of choosing and coordinating the organization’s programmes. Representative for GEMS in national and international forums, sharing her extensive experience partnering with others. She is responsible for developing the best practices that allow the organization to carry out its goals, which include enabling under-served populations, immigrants and minority groups. Her motivation is the satisfaction of serving a population in need, having the experience of joining and working with partners from other EU countries and furthering cross-cultural understanding. Rosa Garde Nicolas founded Red Mariposa Forum on Women’s Rights and also formed strategic partnerships with Amnesty International Spain, Castelldefels’ Town Hall, Diputación de Málaga and is an advisor for several associations and NGO’s. Rosa has received the Reconocidas of Málaga Leadership Award from Málaga’s government, rewarding sensitivity and gender breakdown tasks and the battle against gender violence. Rosa has also been awarded with Mujer Alada by Women Poets International in March, 2016.

GEMS, Educación en Andalucía

GEMS, Educación en Andalucía is a Spanish organization involved in Lifelong Learning programmes that promote the personal and social development of individuals at exclusion risk. The subject areas of our work are children and young people, ethnic minorities, lifelong learning, fundamental human rights, European citizenship and battling discrimination. We implement several projects, on national and international levels, for young people aiming to increase their skills and abilities and make them more competitive, self-confident and brighter. The overall objectives of the organization are promotion of tolerance and intercultural dialogue among young people; battle against racism, xenophobia and discrimination, promotion of active participation of young people and European citizenship. Fields of Activity: Human rights, International/Cultural relations, youth and education and equal opportunities.


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Address: C/ Marie Curie, 35, (PTA) – 29590 – Campanillas – Málaga (Spain)

Tel: +34 95 202 83 03

Fax: +34 95 202 04 64



Laura Monasterio

Project Officer at IASP

Laura Monasterio, Project Officer at IASP, has a degree in Political Science and Sociology from the University of Granada (Spain). Previous roles have included social and market research projects; analyzing and detecting training needs of employees in SMEs; and handling projects relating to SME cooperation and internationalization. At IASP, Laura works on the formulation and implementation of a wide variety of projects such as feasibility studies for the creation of new science and technology parks; analysis of the strategic models of science parks; network analysis; international benchmarking; and surveys about the state and evolution of the science and technology park and area of innovation industry.

IASP World Headquarters

Created in 1984, the International Association of Science Parks and Areas of Innovation (IASP) is a knowledge-based network which brings together existing and developing science and technology parks (STPs), areas of innovation (AOIs) and innovation-based business incubators (BICs), as well as R&D institutions, universities, consultants and experts in economic regional development and technology- and knowledge transfer. IASP gathers 381 members in 71 countries, which in turn represent a network of over 142,000 companies, most of them belonging to the innovation and knowledge economy. The mission of the IASP is to be the global network for STPs and AOIs, and to drive worth, internationalization and effectiveness for its members.


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Worldview Impact 1 Pope Street London SE1 3PR United Kingdom.

Tel: +44-2073788872

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Dr. Bremley Lyngdoh

Dr. Bremley Lyngdoh is a Climate Change and Sustainable Development professional with over 20 years experience working with Governments, IGOs, NGOs and the Private Sector developing a range of innovative projects in Asia, Africa and South America aimed at producing ecologically sound and economically viable activities that contribute directly to reducing rural poverty, and generating productive sustainable livelihoods for vulnerable local communities. Bremley has all the relevant experience in project sourcing and development. His strength lies in building strategic partnerships with various governmental agencies, NGOs and multilateral development agencies. Through his previous assignments working with the United Nations and the World Bank in Asia, Africa and Latin America, he has gained expertise in the effective monitoring and evaluation of field-based programmes. Bremley developed projects on climate change adaptation, integrated agroforestry, sustainable tourism and renewable energy. This field experience has given him the ability to advise policy makers in different countries on developing their own sustainable development strategies. Bremley is the Founder & CEO of Worldview Impact a Global Social Enterprise providing agricultural services for projects in India, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Uganda, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and Myanmar.

Worldview Impact Ltd.

Worldview Impact Ltd. is a global social enterprise that provide bespoke services for cooperatives of small hold organic farmers in developing countries to integrate and expand agroforestry integrated farming systems that bring local products to market and create market linkages with the merging sectors of regenerative supply chains and agro-ecotourism. For our clients we also do project development, feasibility studies, capacity building and training, environmental, social and economical impact assessments, marketing and financing. The vision of Worldview Impact Ltd. is to create a Sustainable Business for a Sustainable Future by attracting impact investment for green growth projects to create green jobs for young people globally. By making your green investments grow, in projects that are mitigating climate change at the grassroots level, we will see sustainable livelihoods created for the poor and poverty reduced. As a global social enterprise it has a three-fold mission: (1) Protecting the environment and biodiversity through the mitigation of climate change. (2) Enabling local economic growth through the creation of sustainable livelihoods for the poor. (3) Supporting social development through poverty reduction initiatives.


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Via puglie 7 31100 Treviso Italy

Viber / Whatsapp: +39 3293550882

Skype: maishamarefu2012


Giancarlo Vettori

President of Eurogems Italy

DR. Giancarlo Vettori is a history teacher and interreligious researcher. For almost 15 years is participating to European Projects funded by European Commission with different tasks: Project writer, project manager, financial administrator and trainer. He was advisor of ANNA LINDH FOUNDATION located in the Bibliotech of Alexandria Egypt for almost 3 years in middle east zone and he was  researcher in Euromed zone project promoted and funded by Salto Euromed Programme: with a group of experts from different countries he analyzed  the multiplies dynamics of interreligious connection in Jerusalem East and West. He has been in North Kenya closed the border with Ethiopia in Human development project for Italian Ngo as coordinator of a research on educational system in 3 different local tribes (samburu, turkana and Pokot). As conference speaker and trainer has been invite in many countries (Siberia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Tanzania, Brazil and almost in all Europe). He is co-founder of 16 ngos all around the world 12 in Europe 1 in Tanzania 1 in Kenya, 1 in Argentina and 1 in Morocco

Nucleo Educativo per la Formazione Europea al Lavoro Internazionale

Nucleo Educativo per la Formazione Europea al Lavoro Internazionale is a educational organization born with idea to empower civil society to get a better future looking beyond the national borders. Our Trainers and International experts provide a comprehensive service covering all educational needs of our members. Our members get trainings and education thought the high competencies of our internal staff. We combine formal and no formal education using innovative methods and new teaching methodologies. Main aim is to increase the participants performance in self
job coaching and personal skills improvement.We try to help everyone to find its own talent…professional staff follows the educational process of the training’s participants since the begining to the end of the training session. We organise meetings for different target groups, with people from different  backgrounds. The aim is to enlarge points of view and to share informations,fears, project proposals.

Alcino Pascoal

Advisor to the Board at Madan Parque

Alcino Manuel Roseiro Pascoal holds a MSc degree in Educational Sciences (issued by FCT-UNL) and a BA degree in Chemical Engineering, also issued by FCT-UNL. Previous working experience comprised UNINOVA as project manager (1992-98), focused on regional development strategies, technology transfer and students’ mobility. It was followed then by the collaboration with FCT-UNL (1999-2002), as Assistant Professor for Didactics and Educational Technologies. Since 2002 is Advisor to the Board at Madan Parque, being responsible for the financial affairs and EU-funded projects. PhD student of the Industrial Engineering Department at FCT-UNL since October 2014.

Madan Parque

Madan Parque is a science and technology park established in 1995 and active since early 2000, whose mission is to play an interface role between academia and businesses. The core activities consist of the promotion of NTBFs and its acceleration, as well as the development of knowledge intensive projects within the region. Madan Parque runs a technology-based incubator whose role is of a facilitator and accelerator for its tenant companies, namely in what concerns the internationalization of the later. The main goal is thus to stimulate the creation of NTBFs affiliated to various scientific areas, benefiting from the physical proximity to FCT-UNL (Faculty of Sciences and Technology | NOVA University of Lisbon) which is Madan’s most important shareholder.


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Address: Kemankeş Karamustafa Paşa Mah.

Alipaşa Değirmeni Sok. No:3 34560 Karaköy / İstanbul

Tel: +90 (212) 244 11 69



Cagdas Ergin

Secretary General at Turkish Informatic Foundation, has been working in ICT sector more than twenty years at several roles including specialist, consultant and top level executive for national and multinational companies. He is a Naval Architect and Mechanical Engineer, was born in Ankara in 1969.

Turkish Informatics Foundation

Turkish Informatics Foundation established in April 1995. The main purpose of the Foundation is to contribute build of infrastructure for Turkey’s transformation into an information society, and to conduct economic and social studies by carrying out scientific researches and development activities, to generate project and make effort to have these projects implemented. The Foundation, while carries out services set forth in line with its purposes, aims to perform its works and studies publicly and in a level to affect to lighten public service load of the state. The Foundation is an independent legal entity under the direction of nothing but its Board of Directors. The Foundation is subject to the inspection and audit of the General Directorate of Foundations, and is available for any kind of legal inspection. The Foundation does not engage in political activities and may not be benefited for political aims.


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Tel: +372 56569060



Jelena Parfjonova

Jelena Parfjonova – psychologist, pedagogue, coach in non-formal education. She is founder of NGO Academy of Childhood (15 y.), director of children center of correction, development and socialization (8 y.). She is also working with teachers, parents, teenagers and children. She has her authorial pedagogical programmes. Jelena has been a mentor in several social entrepreneurial projects ( Jelena is involved in non-formal education projects since the year 2006. Coordinator of NGO Eurokalliskivid projects since 2011.

Euro Kalliskivid

Euro Kalliskivid is a non-profit organisation established in February 2010 in Tallin which operates in a socially and geographically disadvantaged rural area. Staff and beneficiaries aim to strenght an international and European cooperation in order to share knowledge, ideas and expertises to better develop their activities in the frame of social development with special regards to social inclusion, participative democracy and rural development. It favours educational activities and vocational training involving the local community and the people who come from local rural areas. Euro Kalliskivid is acting to develop European projects in order to involve young adults, adults, students, and socio-disadvantaged people. For this aim it is establishing partnerships with other European countries and promoting life long learning cooperations. Our organization acts to create EU opportunities for our target groups to better improve their awareness of the European dimension and European citizenship.