Second Meeting: Developing of Business Incubator

Location: Malaga, Spain

Dates: 22 – 24 May 2016.

Partners involved in second meeting:

  • IASP
  • GEMS, Educación en Andalucía
  • Madan Parque
  • Turkiye Bilisim Vakfi
  • Global Ideations
  • Istanbul Kultur University

Business Incubator Manual (O1)

Description: The business incubator manual would outline all the steps taken to establish the business incubator and successfully manage it. It would include theoretical as well as practical information and examples.

Activity leading organization: Istanbul Kultur University

Participating Organizations:

  • Associacao Parque De Ciencia E Tecnologia De Almada/Setubal-Madan Parque. PORTUGAL
  • Asociacion Internacional De Parques Tecnologicos IASP. SPAIN
  • Turkiye Bilisim Vakfi. TURKEY